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Love it but...

Loved the app, the user interface, clean, simple, but I would love to be able to add not only time but $ information by job or project so as to not only have a time report in the end but also an earnings report.


It looks like a clean and simple app but it is really the worst. Not intuitive nor very functional for logging hours. Very glitchy, I have lost so many billable hours thinking that they were being logged only to go back and they had vanished. Will stick to google docs spreadsheet.

Extremely Helpful And Useful

This app is a must have if you are looking forward to keeping an organized and methodical personal schedule.


After logging in hours here and there over the past few months for a specific project, I checked back in the app and found them all erased.


This is exactly what I needed. It's a simple, yet powerful and user-intuitive app that will accomplish efficient tracking of how you spend your time. Cannot recommend this highly enough!

Lovely design, but…

Missing a lot of functionality. No place to input billing rates? Sorry I purchased this.

Very usable, intuitive

I like that the user can turn off the phone's auto lock when the stopwatch is used. I would like to see the option to view at a glance all times in an entire week or even month. Only viewing each day at a time can be too constraining.

Certainly not the best timesheet app..

I opted to pay for this app vs. other timesheet alternatives as their interface appeared the most professional and simple. However, there's no cost consideration at all for any projects! So you track your time and when your invoice should be considering the cost per project or per hourly rate, there's no cost even being mentioned to the customer on the invoice. Pointless.

One of the best

Terrific time tracking app for those who need to monitor and bill their time or projects. I took off one star because I would love to be able to tag or mark things as billed within the app. The export to excel is powerful and makes up for anything I can't do in the app itself. Really an excellent productivity tool. Gorgeous UI, the labeling and tagging are granular and easy to use as is switching between views. Indispensable!

Best Time Tracker

This is the best time tracker I have found, and I've tried a lot of different ones. Its killer feature is how it syncs to a calendar when you complete a timed event. I would do anything to get a version of this for the Mac and have different versions of the app sync together, so you can see your timer anywhere.

Easy and quick

Great app and easy to use. Tracks hours essily👍🏻 easy to log no hassle. Love it. Will recommend

My go to app for getting things done

I really like how it integrates with the calendar. I now can look over my day and see exactly what I've worked on. Simple but brilliant.

Quick and Easy!

I have to say as a qualifier, that I am not a contractor and therefore only need a simple app that can track hours between different cost centers within the same company. This app works like a charm. My only gripe is that I wish they had a simple app that could be used on desktop to organize it, and that when exporting to .csv, the file used real dates rather than year.month.date, because it cannot be sorted by date without having to change all the cells manually.

Hands down the best Timesheet app

Why do I love this app let me count the way... • Manual time entry (though stop watch is available) • Calendar sync • Export • Birds eye view at any given interval • It is smart—remembers your entries, so not a lot of re-entry • Intuitive interface • Stable, have had no issues People, this is a great app.

Save to Calendar

Thanks for this app! I'm using it every day for reporting my time. I do like the tags! Every entered tag is saved and quick available for the next entry. And everyting is saved to a calendar e.g. iCloud or Exchange. The only feature which I don't like is to enter an entry in the past. It would be great to switch quick to a iOS normal time entry style.

Gets better...

...with every update. Calendar sync is the killer feature.

Time tracking gem

Spent a lot of money on time trackers being a freelancer. This one is my clear favorite, together with atimelogger 2 (for more personal tracking). Timesheet is great in many ways: *seamless, instant export to any of your calendars (google or Icloud). *responsive updates. * very stable and light on resources/battery *every screen in the app is exceptionally well designed * no advanced reporting /visualization options (not what the app is going for), but the time records screen is beautiful and has the session list, total time spent etc. *now runs natively on the iPad. Bought this shortly after it's release a year ago (before the release of iOS 8) and since day 1 it's been almost as perfect as it is now. Deserves more attention.

Clean and Simple - Great

All the other new timer apps have ridiculous sign up processes and UX that involves too many screens to be practical. This app is great. Has all the essential features in a clean UI. Worth the price

Update erased all my data

Have been using and relying on this app for months now. Latest update erased months of manually entered and tagged time logs with autopopulated entries from my calendar (after the "create a new calendar" option failed to get me past the startup screen. Furious and disappointed.

Simple. Clean. Efficient.

I use Timesheet to track my time spent on multiple jobs extending months until completion. The app shows all dates and times in a expanded view when you click Project C for example in the 3rd Screenshot in this app preview titled “Overview”. Had a quick question for the support team and received a fast reply.

Cool app, but has major bug.

App crashes whenever I hit the envelope icon on the top right.


Love it... Simple and serves it's purpose.

Better than Hours

I've tried a bunch of these time managing apps to track several projects at any given time and Timesheet is the best. With Timesheet you not only track time spent on projects but you can beautifully track as atomically any given task as you like. It's greatly improved how I analyze my time spent on many areas of a project.

The best for time management

iCloud integration the with tag features. This is the best.

Tiny & Beautiful

Great little app. I use it all the time to log my work hours. Very lightweight.

Great calendar integration

I'll tell you the best part of using this app is that it adds your activity to iCloud calendar. That's a huge plus for me as it makes tracking projects and others activities very useful. Thanks!

&Installed 6/9/14

Crashes after I create a new calendar


if you need something to track your time quickly and easily this is definitely the app for you. The UI is simple straightforward and beautiful. is definitely a pleasure to use everyday.

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